Of course, here is the boring part, but one of the most important parts too, so please, if you are booking in with me or thinking of booking in with me, read everything here and don't hesitate to email if you have any questions!​

  • A deposit must be paid for EVERY booking, your appointment is not secure without a deposit & no appointments will be made without a deposit. (Your deposit paid is taken off your appointment price on the day), this can be paid cash, bank transfer or PayPal.

  • All deposits are non refundable but ARE transferrable to another appointment.

  • Cancellations of any kind less than 48 hours before the appointment or 'no shows' will be charged for your full appointment time.

  • A fee will be charged if having to travel further than 20 miles for your appointment, at 50p per additional mile.

  • A signed contract is required for business clients & any kind of shoot, you will be sent this on the day you make the booking and it will need to be signed within a week of Becky sending it to you.

  • A start and end time of the booking will be agreed by Becky and the client, please bare this in mind when booking your time and date.

  • All persons involved in the appointment need to be available at the scheduled time to not break the contract, makeup for more than one person must be done at the same location and consecutively (no gaps in between).

  • If for some reason Becky is unable to perform services for any reason, she will refund your deposit amount and recommend you a replacement artist, it is your choice to go ahead with that artist.

  • If travelling to you a table / work area will need to be provided, just a table & a chair in order to do my work, and any electrical outlets if hair is part of your booking. I do also need good lighting in order to perform the service properly, usually the best lighting is in the kitchen!

  • Becky will not be held liable for any injuries that arise whilst your appointment is taking place, and please remember to wear a dressing gown or something similar so to not mess up whatever you are wearing (just incase!)

  • All of my brushes, tools and products are kept sanitary and are sanitised between every makeup application.

  • You must let Becky know if you have any allergies, if needs be a sample of the makeup can be performed on the clients skin to test reaction, the client agrees to release Becky from any allergic reactions or skin complications.

If any complications or questions, please head to the 'contact' part of this website to contact Becky.